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Vibgyor Publishing House Pvt Ltd was incorporated in May 2013 to be the flagship of a conglomerate of works by Susan M. Griffith-Jones.

Including films, photos and other types of writing, its works aim to educate and explore the very meaning of life on all levels, as well as to display the greater possibilities of true achievement and how to use our precious lives to help both ourselves and others.

So that life is not wasted on futile and frivolous activities that can never satisfy the endless desires of human need, the content of these various works point one towards a meaningful life of happiness, fulfillment and sense of purpose that each person inherently knows that he/she must find.

To date, books that have been published in both print and e-book formats include "The Rainbow Bridge" and "Drops of Being" and films include "Circle of Immortality", "Crossing Bridges" and "Su'dance".

Photo collage art work is a special activity of the company and Vibgyor Publishing House is working on a programme of workshops for interested groups to explore this dynamic art.

Newspaper and magazine articles are an ongoing work in progress.

Up & Coming works/Events

Universal Osmosis
An autobiographical description of the making of the first 5 photo collage art pieces of Susan M. Griffith-Jones.

Ganga, Life of a River
The story of a 13 year pilgrimage from source to mouth of the River Ganges.

Visions of Bosnia
The making of a movie on the newly discovered pyramids of Bosnia using the intricate technique of Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking.

The River Ganges
The mythological story of ‘Ganga’ interwoven with a personal journey of more than 1500 miles along the River Ganges.

Visions of Bosnia
An artistic documentary on the newly discovered Bosnian pyramid complex, made using the technique of Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking.

A new photo collage art piece that will be embedded into the timeline of the new film of The River Ganges, as the shape that holds its various meanings and Universal Truths that are intended to be automatically transmitted to the viewer through the technique of Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking.